Adventure flight. 'Antonov Airlines AN-2'

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Adventure flight. 'Antonov Airlines AN-2'

Postby Brian pine » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:32 pm

September 2 Caboulture Airfield Departing app 10-00. Had booked myself a flight on the AN-2, about an hour long . We were a little late in getting away ,but no one complained .
There was a full compliment of passengers[9.] We headed off out over the beach and up along the coast towards Maroochydore .All on board were given the oppotunity to sit in the right hand seat,including myself.
I was the last to go up letting the youngsters go first. when my turn came I was talking to the pilot about a trip I did last year .That got us around to talking about how heavy was the An-2 to fly.
The pilot said to me take the controls and find out for yourself. After an initial slight nose dip I brought her back up, and to use a proverbial I was as Happy as a Pig in mud .I flew the aircraft for around 3mins. Flying past Sunshine Coast airport on our port side. Around the high rise on the beach and west around the Glasshouse mountains for a return to Cabby.
What a great fathers day,in excess of 1 hour and chance to fly the thing as well.
For any one wanting to fly on the Antonov ,Fantastic Value . info can be found at
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