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Quicke MEL-ADL Jetstar ADL-MEL Virgin

Postby mickk » Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:14 pm

I had a quick trip to Adelaide and back today. Jetstar 776 to Adelaide was 9.10 departure on the ticket. It had been pushed back 15 minutes when i got there and ended up departing abt 10am. It had been late leaving Sydney, so arrived late to us.

Today was the first time Ive been in that so called terminal out in the sticks. Concrete roof, horrible grey sound panels, drab carpet, terrible dirty chairs, just embarassing. Ive been in better third world terminals. $5 grand worth of paint would go a long way. I flew with them to tassie a month ago, but I didnt have to venture down those stairs to despair that time.

The A320 looked good on the outside, but inside, was pretty shabby and just gloomy. The seat was as uncomfortable as I have had, no padding for the arse at all, I could feel the frame under me. No leg room of course, Im short and it is uncomfortable, I will never be able to fly in these seats for more than an hour, thats for sure, I will take a blow up cushion next time. We had a good rolling start and a nice smooth landing. I like Adelaide airport, so simple, just one long aisle. A lot of construction going on in front of the exit.

The flight was great, cruised at 36000, a good view of the trailing edge of the right wing and a nice view of all the green, a rare sight until recent years. We flew through some low cloud with a couple of dips but nothing too exciting, Then we overflew scattered low cloud for a couple of hundred k and then it was clear as a bell. It was a beautiful day in Adelaide. I couldnt believe the size of the hand luggage, these specific made things to fit to a smidgen. It might have been this flight but they all had these hard cases on rollers. This is defeating the idea of "hand luggage" it has to stop. I would rather cop a soft bag in the head than one of those. We copped a good whaft of Avgas whilst waiting to disembark and I have noticed this before on this a/c type. I liked looking at the gear under the flap when we landed, thats why I sat there. I usually sit at the front of this a/c but I also wanted to hear if that god annoying buzz you get at the pointy end goes away down the back and it does. We did a couple of good steep banking turns that were worth the price.

Flew back on DJ232 on the 737-800 business configuration. I had a good look at those 4 seats, thats where I am going next time. No doubt about it. The room is great and chances are you will have a spare seat next to you. NIce and comfy too, I had a quick go. It was free. There is this purple violet pink type perspex plate behind you. No doubt to stop the spit from those in cattle class behind you. I want to go to Darwin in one of these seats.

This aircraft was immaculate, I almost wanted to see the dunnies to see how clean they must have been. The outside looked brand new, I chose my seat to see the front of the engine, it didnt have a mark on it nor did the rest of the aircraft inside and out. It must be brand new. The inside was spotless. Compared to the Airbus, so spacious overhead, much less claustrophobic. The angle of the overheads lockers and the mood of the lighting makes it look so spacious. Looking up makes you actually feel less cramped. The safety audio was deafening, way too loud overkill. I take earplugs next time. However this a/c is a lot quieter that the A320. I dont notice any more legroom, and the window seemed smaller, too small. I suppose that is one of the reasons it is quieter. The free tea and coffee and water cart came around. I didnt bother but I spose if you wanted that, it would have been worth the $112 Dj vs $102 JST tickets.

A lovely standing start departure out over the water flat as glass and the sky clear until somewhere in western vic, then all cloud below so didnt see much after the end of the old sand dunes. Some good jolts on approach and solid cloud down to abt 2000 made for a nice view of that glistening new engine. 58 minute fight time. We beat the bloke on the airbridge so had to wait 5 minutes for it to arrive, it was a great landing, we rolled to a slow and simply turned into our bay it seemed, so smooth, almost valet parking. I was hoping I would be offered an Ipad to hire, but not even inflight radio on this or the 320.

Wnen I went to Tassie on Jetstar, they were like prison guards. If you listened to them, you got 20 minutes of personal audio device time. On Jetsstar and Virgin today, no such nonsense, off for take off and landing and that was about it. On the tassie trip, as soon as the pilot throttled back, it was turn everything off! crazy.

Overall in future, the 737-800 is the go for me, its quieter, feels larger inside, the airflow things are stronger and the seats are more comfortable, but only sightly, 4 hours to Perth in economy in the 80s was paradise compared to today.

The skybus was good as always, spotted one nice twin engined white jet on the way in at essendon but couldnt see jack on the way back because of the advertising on the windows.

Sorry for typos. very tired, up since 4, crossed time zones twice plus daylight saving so I dont know what day it is.
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