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Postby AlistairB » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:25 pm

Hi All,

Just a quick one tonight.

Had to fly out to SYD for work today and noted that there was a nice cheap flight that involved a B744...bargain I thought.....booked. After recalling that now NSW is on daylight saving, meaning a nice early mark from Narangba (445am) to make it on time, plus allowing extra time for Int'l Customs queues, the wait at the offsite airport park for the courtesy bus and the infamous Bruce Hwy/Gateway headache that seems to get congested if someone turns a light on in Perth, I made it and all was well, five minutes left before the check in closed...nice....

Hanging around for a while and pacing the halls, the imminent announcement came over "Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, QANTAS regrets to inform you that your boarding time has been delayed due to the aircraft encountering a heavy landing this morning. Currently the engineers are reviewing the aircraft and will make a decision, we expect a 30 minute delay, sry blah blah blah" and closes of with a stock standard make the customer happy "We take safety more seriously than schedule, we hope you understand". Great!! Oh well, off to my favourite viewing spot, down past Gate 75 where I normally jump onto Emirates to AUK every few months, with scanner in hand....business suit in other. Second announcement ditto to the first....okay now that one hour delayed and no guarantee....time for a loo brake. No sooner had the bags been dropped from the shoulder and carefully placed to prevent any impact by out of control vectoring on my part and the jet stream got under way, "Bing Bong, QANTAS would now like to invite all passengers on QF8 to commence". OMG WTF, crap....why does a large cappuccino seem to take so long to get rid of......zip up, grab bags and jacket and start to walk all the back to gate.....

So great start, boarded aircraft, seat 54K, looks good, full window to look out of and no one else in the row so time to stretch out. Noted the following regs Virgin AUS B738 VH-YIT to AUK, QANTAS B744 OJC arriving, Korean Air A333 HL7584, followed immediately by Emirates B778 A6-EGF then two Pacific Blue B738 reg unknown. Happy with that haul whilst waiting on the tarmac.

So push back, taxi, rolled onto 19er and off we went....flight all good, first experience with the new interactive touchscreen iQ system, worked well, watched the "Behind the Scenes of QANTAS" feature....safety, safety, safety msg from QCAtering to Eng to A380 pilot to the Cairns Qlink Base Manager...gees anyone think they are worried about safety, figures I guess with the media commenting regularly on any bad QANTAS related....

Cruising at 40,000ft, snacks arrive, meh, moderate....continuing on....getting annoyed with the Customer Service Manager interrupting my doco on oil tankers. Mate, keep the button pressed until you are finished and say it all in one go, as he would say one sentence cutting out the iQ, then release so iQ starts playing, then two seconds later another sentence, iQ pauses.....

So pass over Sydney "Opera House and Harbour Bridge to the left" by the Second Officer....watched eveyone lean into the windows to get a glimpse but as soon as the second officer finished mentioning the a/c goes into a right bank and screws the view for those trying to look...slight giggle to myself....noobs.

Over the south of Sydney on downwind leg, slide out on a left turn over the water for base, lefty again onto finals for 16L, nice, flaps extended fully, wheels down, tiny Beech on approach to 16R out the window running parallel to us but slower.....but we where gaining sucker, we're gunna hit the 'mac before you even though the piano is further down......across the water, almost there, Alt 300m then booyah...thrust, acceleration, steep climb and solid left bank.....omg, aborted landing at <1000ft in a 74...that's what I love!!!! Flaps retract mid turn, stomach hits the roof for a second, oh yeah baby, keep it up....suddenly thoughts of, hang on, the plane landed heavy at BNE. What has happened, have the engineers stuffed up and we lost a wheel or gear didn't extend properly, microseconds of analysing all stress related issues that may cause some form of bodily harm to me at some future point....but alas a gaze out the window puts the mind at rest as there was a QANTAS 767 sitting on the keys awaiting departure clearance.......would have loved to be in cockpit for that ATC call ", QANTAS 8, continue approach 16L, expect late clearance, company a/c lined up". Waiting, waiting, waiting, two more seconds, maybe a couple more, cmon company jet, lets roll...."Nup screw it we're out, safety before schedule". I could imagine the Beech on final, heads jarred around to watch a hunk of steel in some aborted inclined bank whilst trying to land themselves, two fingers up to us "Sucker we nailed and beat yo a**e". Reminds me of Goose on Top Gun talking about the inverted -9G roll....lol.

Anyhoos, second time round and no problems, straight in, smooth landing and parked.

So all in all, delayed, comedic, and a little exhilaration.....I wonder if my return flight tomorrow will be as adventurous...somehow a crowded B738 out of SYD at 2000 says holding patterns for longer than the flight time to me...DJ989, lets see how we go.

Anyone who might have ATC recordings or logs from SYD TWR and APP from this morning 251012@0956 EDST, I would love to hear or see them.......
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Postby Beau Chenery » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:24 pm

Great report!
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