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My suggestion/s is/are

Postby Alasdair McW » Sun Jun 29, 2008 7:49 pm

An introduction thread (maybe there is one, and I can't find it).

But it would allow people to introduce themselves on the forum, and tell others how they came about to partaking of such an activity.

A thread to ask questions about how/where u purchase equipment for wathcing the planes, etc. (again, maybe its already there, and I can't find it.

A thread to explain to new people like myself, what all the letters and other things mean, that we see in "Noteable movements" or other such places.

Thank you.

Anyways, I am new to here, and have seen a few of u guys down at the Ring Road, saw a sticker on the back of a car, and decided I would like to take a look here, and maybe learn a few things.

I will think of something to put here soon
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