qf94 and UAE413

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qf94 and UAE413

Postby bobcox » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:15 am

Last night watching flight radar around 23.00 i noticed that UAE413 was not on the radar, then about 23.35 i noticed it leaving Sydney. It proceded towards Melbourne and thought it was going to cross here, but instead it landed here about 00.35. then left here about 02.35, does anyone no why they made a pit stop here ? Last night i noticed that qf94 was diverting to Brisbane, it already left Los Angeles about 5 hours late, could it be about the pilots flying time or was it something else. Does anyone no the answers to these 2 questions.
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Re: qf94 and UAE413

Postby Rowan M » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:49 am

Not sure about QF94 but it was most likely either for fuel, for a crew change (due to out of hours) or both.

You'd most likely find that EK413 was late arriving into SYD, therefore late out. They've done this a few times now, where they will land at SYD, unload/reload, splash-and-dash, then fly on to MEL for cleaning and refuelling for the DXB sector. It gives them a shorter ground time in SYD and is more likely to satisfy the curfew duty officer.
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