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Collectors Aircraft Models Australia

Postby Brian Wilkes » Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:02 pm

I have been coming to CAM in Melbourne since the doors opened.
In all those years I've collected some 6000 1:400 scale models and other various scales all purchased from the same location, with great service, prices and range that is 2nd to none anywhere in Australia and given around the world.

I would like to urge everyone to visit there site or better yet come in a view the 1000's of airliner, military and other subjects of models CAM has for sale. With regular specials to be had in the store and so so many scales to choose from of all types and makes. Resin, die cast wood, plastic CAM has them. CAM also stock a huge range of the very popular Aeroclassics makes and still have many of those sold out and hard to get items that you maybe looking for at great prices and not those inflated ebay prices. There updated web site is now very easy to navigate through and order on line.

For those international customers please look no further then Collectors Aircraft Models AUSTRALIA! Again if visiting from overseas or on line you will be mesmerized by the what you see as soon as you set foot in there comfortable show room. Go in make sure you have a few hours of time to spend and browse the wall to wall the showroom of model subjects for sale!

I just made another purchase from them again today, the Qantas Inflight Nalanji Dreaming Boeing 747-300, wow great value gorgeous model. And of course picked up my Aeroclassics order!

See Collectors Aircraft Models on line at or come in and support a great Australian institution which started most of our collections all those years ago!
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