Portable HDD with SD slots

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Portable HDD with SD slots

Postby Carsten Bauer » Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:01 am

Hi all,

I'm going on holidays again later on this year, and am looking for a solution to the problem I had last time.
I'm taking a few 32GB sd cards with me, and I want to back them up as I go without the need of a computer.
Last time, I put the SD card into my Android Tablet, then transfered them to a 500gb 2.5" portable hdd.

I'm looking for something like this:

Has anybody used these types of devices before, and any recommendations?
Would prefer something with a large lcd display to view the photos.
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Re: Portable HDD with SD slots

Postby Ryan F » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:28 am

I used to use an Epson P2000 many years ago when 40GB was enough to travel with. It made traveling so much easier than taking a laptop and portable HDD's. I have not used any of the current equivalent products and i really don't know what's out there. One important factor when looking at these things is the battery setup, my decision on the epson was based almost entirely on it having the ability to take spare batteries as it would only manage to download about 4gb worth of data on a single fully charged battery. I purchased 2 spare batteries for it (about $60 each from memory) and i was confident that it would last me for 1-2 days worth of images without the need to recharge any of the batteries. Almost all of the other options available at the time had a built in non-removable battery which meant they needed to be recharged before more cards could be downloaded to them, this really killed their potential storage capacity while in the field. Obviously it depends on much much you plan on shooting per day etc... As i said my experience with these things was many years ago (around 2005-2006 i think) and i'm sure that they have increased capacity and performance. Also one other thing to check when looking at them, what type of files they support. If you shoot in RAW or an equivalent format make sure it is supported for both storage and viewing. The epson was great but it would only store RAW files from the camera i was using at the time but not actually be able to view them.

Hope this Helps.
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